Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year

I thought I'd start my blogging year with a silly portrait of the lovely man and I. You may notice that he has had strange genetic and surgical experiments done on him and where he once had an ear, he appears to have grown fingers. He doesn't talk about it much though.

I had a lovely time with family and the lovely man on Christmas day. Sadly, I got ill on Boxing day and so none of my plans for the holiday season came to fruition. I am only now well enough to leave the house and saw none of the friends I usually spend time with at this time of year. I was fortunate that the lovely Mr duck stayed with me and said "there there" with soothing regularity. 

One other plan which was not put into practice due to my being indisposed was getting out with my SLR and putting some effort into photos again. Here's hoping I can make up for that soon. 

Wishing all my regular visitors a very happy new year (both of you...)!


  1. Sorry you've not been well - hope you'll be fine again soon and out with that camera. Happpy new year!

  2. Thanks - was missing your posts. Hope you are feeling better soon.