Wednesday, 30 June 2010

That time of week again

This was my favourite drawing from this week's batch though I was pleased with my chalk drawings too.

Here I gave full rein to my liking for portaiture. I quite like the resultant drawing though I'm not sure it was all that good a likeness. 

I was pleased with this drawing. Until these last few weeks I hadn't done much from life on black paper though I have done some drawings from photographs. It is somewhat of an experimental medium for me but one that I like a lot. This image seemed to achieve something that my previous chalk ones didn't.

I've started cycling to and from the life drawing too. By the time I come home in the evening I feel pretty good after meeting a pal, a couple of hours drawing and a cycle. If you enjoy looking at these, there are a few more on Flickr including some two minute sketches. 

Today, if I can find enough vegetables in the cupboard to produce something roughly nourishing then I shall be burrowing in for some tennis and a quiet day. Have a good one all!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Cycle trip

Here is my cycling partner of the day in the gear he likes to be able to wear all summer when it's possible. We cycled to a park a few miles from where we live but that we'd not been to before - at least I hadn't. Sadly, Glasgow's sporting and recreational facilities have experienced a lot of cuts in funding as the purse for these activities is going to preparing to host the Commonwealth Games. I suspect that may be why the lovely cafe in the Winter Garden was closed. 

In our quest for the Winter Garden cafe, we found this amazing bench. I wouldn't have wanted to put it under the stress of my large bottom but it is wonderful for seating children. I had a photo without the cycling calves in the background but I thought they kind of added character. 

Here we have a random graffitied log. I kind of liked this photo. I've been using Aperture to process my photos and am enjoying playing with the different coloured filter effects for conversion to black and white. This was processed using a red filter which darkened the leaves and made the log stand out more. 

It's been a nice day and I got a bit of exercise. I thought it might rain but it didn't. It remains hot and humid. 

After my day out I turned on the telly for a little bit of Wimbledon and got caught up in the game that broke all records. It has been running for two days involving ten hours on the court and the score in the last set is 59 each. Until today, I had never heard of Isner or Mahut. I won't forget them in a hurry. They will come back tomorrow to finish the set. Gripping stuff though I share McEnroe's concern for their wellbeing in such a mammoth match. 

Time for bed for me so night night all.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Tuesday night again

Tuesday night is life drawing night nowadays. This picture was a 10 minute sketch hence the unfinished nature of it but I often like the feel of the rougher, looser drawings. I really liked it just as it is. 

This is possibly my most accurate drawing to date. It was helped along by a conversation with the guy next to me. I asked him a question about his drawing and told me how he looks for the largest shapes first and then the medium sized and so on. Here, I first drew large triangles and it really made the drawing more accurate. If you like looking at life drawing then I have posted a few more on Flickr 

I'm loving the life drawing. I've been struggling a little since my job disappointment a few weeks ago and with all the depressing budget news. When I go to life drawing, it really lifts my mood. I'm really enjoying it and it helps that I often cycle there and back. Today, I'm hoping to go for a cycle with a friend so you might get some pictures of that later. Happy Wednesday people!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Taking a lensbaby for a walk

I thought it was high time the lensbaby went out to play with me. I haven't used it for months. If you're not sure what a lensbaby is then check here. This image was taken using the plastic optic and wide aperture. Initially I was just photographing the railings till the person came into view. It turned out I knew the person who walked into shot and so we had a nice conversation.

This looks like a very fast cyclist. In fact they're stopped at the lights. I kind of liked the blurring.

Here we have Glasgow Cross with the customary (for Glasgow) shoe hanging from the telegraph wire!

Here's looking at you! That lens covers a multitude ;-)

I took my bike to the bike hospital today and will collect it tomorrow - with new cables and, with any luck, functional gears. It was a lovely afternoon for sitting outside even though it was overcast. Tonight is not as hot and stuffy either so that is nice. 

Thanks Jon and Sandy for your encouragement to post more photos and thanks to Jan for understanding when I don't. Hope your week has started well.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

An annual event...

Here's the lovely man being evasive with the camera pointed at him - as he often his. This is his sister. We have been meeting once a year for the last four years. We always have a lovely time and talk of how we must meet more often. Maybe we'll make it this year! 

I've not been inspired to blog lately. I think it's time to start a new series. I think I'll get the old lensbaby out this week as I haven't used it for a while. Here's hoping the weather stays dry and I'll get out with the bike... Watch this space!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Somewhere I'd never been before #5

A few days ago (yes I know I've been slow to blog lately), my friend's and I went to a cafe which is new to Glasgow. It's called ArtisanRoast. This is on of the tables which is made from an old prison door - one from a prison on the Isle of Bute. It's a lovely cafe with a nice atmosphere and very good coffee.

The lightshades are made from old gramophone trumpets.

We have a nice story about how we came to know about the place. A whole group of us were, some months ago, meeting to go to see Neil Innes perform. We all met in a pub and between us all we had a few spare tickets. We got talking to someone who was from New Zealand and new to Glasgow. He came with us to the gig. Now he is running this cafe. It's always lovely to have an unexpected nice time with a stranger but even better if you come across them again.

Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me, only my iPhone. I must go back and get you some good pics with my camera.

As usual, I was at life drawing yesterday. I have posted more pictures on Flickr but I'll just post my favourite from the night.

If you want to see more then you visit

I've not been blogging so much and, especially in the nice weather, I'm trying not to spend as much time online. I have been cycling a fair bit which is nice. I do hope to catch up with my regulars soon.

I shall leave you with an entertaining video on the recent theme of choosing specs. If only I'd had this choice!


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Life drawing

Well people, it's Tuesday again. The routine is have my friend round and then head together to life drawing. I'm often tired and grouchy at the beginning of the session but once I start drawing it really relaxes me. I think this one was my favourite from tonight though the one below, from a 2 minute pose, came a close second as I liked the simplicity.

Here's another I liked.

Once more, I changed to my black pad in the break.

All the drawings on white paper are done with charcoal and the last one is with white pastel and a little charcoal.

I'm a bit behind in reading all your blogs as I've been quite busy lately. I will have a friend staying for a couple of days so I probably won't catch up for a bit but I haven't forgotten you all. Hope your week is going well. It's just about bedtime for me. Night night.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Birthday party

We were at a birthday party yesterday. Here we have the birthday girl. Thanks for the invite P, it was a really fun evening. It passed far too quickly. I took a lot of photos - as ever. Here are a selection.

Cameras at the ready!

Sneaky shot among the balloons...

This one's ripe for a caption!

Sorry for the absence of my blog recently. I was going to blog last week and had a silly picture for you when events began to unfold in Cumbria. I hadn't the heart to blog as I heard the rising death toll over the afternoon. My thoughts are still with the people affected.