Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New hobby...

Today's photo is not one of my most exciting but I've not been focussing on my photography lately. (Nor did I even focus properly in this shot!) I've been enjoying a new hobby of making jewellery. I'm learning stuff all the time and here you can see a little of the most recent necklaces I've been working on.

I'm missing my photos but I have to carry so much with me when I'm going to work in different cities that I haven't taken the SLR for a walk for some time. Hopefully I'll make up for it at the end of February when the lovely man and I head south to London. We are hoping to meet with a certain Mr Biscuits on our visit so how can we fail to get out our cameras when we are meeting a fellow photographer?

I'm not complaining about work though. I'm fortunate that I enjoy what I do. While a more steady and reliable income would be nice, I feel lucky to have any income in the current economic climate. The bonus is that I get to see a lot more of Mr Duck (aka the lovely man and a whole lot of other things). He has just bought a new sofa which I am sitting on right now. It's much more comfy than the last one. I shan't be moving for some time....

Hope you're all doing well. I shall pop in onsome of your blogs soon :-)


  1. Interesting new hobby. Colour/stone/shapes combination on this one really good.
    Ignoring my SLR during the week, but go no-where now without LX5 (pity it's not called XL5). Present from Santa, highly recommended. Bisc - fellow photographer and good one - need to see if I can wangle work trip South - would also like to meet the man. Coincidentally I just bought a new sofa, but it won't be delivered until at least the end of next month (currently sitting on the old one). Take care. S

  2. The jewellery looks very pretty, and it's lovely to find a new hobby.

  3. Pretty and very appropriate for the upcoming holiday!

  4. The jewellery looks good Imp. The dogs are on the sofa, I am sitting on the floor......!